About Us

making it possible to eat whole, vibrant foods on the go

Happy Camper is a healthy convenience food company on a mission to fuel your life with whole, fruit and veggie packed foods. 

We take familiar produce, fats, and proteins and design unique functional recipes, making eating healthy delicious and still exciting!

Our signature products are our gluten-free, vegetarian hand pies made with paleo sweet potato or almond crusts. We also make energy bites, granola, and other seasonal goodies. 

You can taste our yummy products by ordering products shipped directly to your home, catered for your office breakfast, sold in cafes and coffee shops, and in local grocery. 

Our story

In 2014, Katie moved into her first post-grad apartment just one block from the Eastside Beltline trail. Entering the corporate world, she traded mornings perfecting her pancake recipes before class for racing to work to meet a deadline and becoming bffs with her snooze button when she did have a minute to sleep in. Jumping in the car hungry before work every morning, she wondered how that same homemade quality of her college breakfasts could be brought back to life with more convenience.

Many recipe-tests later and a stint baking award-winning pies on Martha’s Vineyard, Katie set out to combine her love of baked goods, nostalgia for foods she ate as a kid, and need for a healthier and convenient foods. In fall of 2017, Happy Camper was born!

As we grow, we are committed to several principles along the way:

Our values

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Quality: Made-from-scratch + familiar. We make as much as we can from-scratch and strive to incorporate local ingredients where we can in our recipes.

We use zero refined-sugars, preservatives, or fillers in our foods. Every ingredient is researched thoroughly before incorporated into our recipes.

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Healthful: Equipping you with fuel for the day. We promise to always have variations that are gluten, grain or dairy free. It’s important to us that our foods are fueling and filling but not heavy

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Convenient: Something you can grab and eat on the go. Regardless of whether you work in an office, at home, or for your family, we know that healthy options to eat on the run are hard to find.